Minar Hydro – Infrastructure

Co-ordinate Measuring Machine


  • Measuring Range : 500 x 600 x 400mm (X x Y x Z)
  • Form Size : 1046 x 958 x 2235 mm (L x W x H)
  • Machine Weight : 550 kg
  • Max Weight to be measured : 150 Kg
  • Max Size to be measured : 900 x 642 x 408 mm

CNC Machine


  • Max turning dia. 350Mm
  • Bore through spindle dia. 45Mm
  • Max length in mm 300mm
  • Max. boring bar dia. 40Mm
  • 3 Jaw self centering hydraulic chuck
  • Load capacity 35 kg.

Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine


  • Grinding Machine One – bed size 80X1000mm
    • Can hold the job of dia max 180mm
  • Grinding Machine Two – bed size of 360X3000mm
    • Can hold shaft of dia 600mm
    • Accuracy of the machine is 1 micron Ra
    • Load capacity of machine is 2.5 ton
    • Internal grinding work can also be performed in this machine



  • Table dimension: 500X300
  • Work tank dimension: 800X425X350
  • Back slide travel: 200 max
  • Table loading: 350
  • Di-electric capacity: 300

The machine uses copper electrode for cutting grooves in I.D. By making special electrode we can also perform hole chamfering work on the machine.

Engraving machine

The machine is used to engrave alphabets, symbols and numbers on the workpiece specially on load cells. This is a permanent marking on the workpiece which enables us and our customers to identify their parts.


Honing Machine


Machine is used to give good internal surface finish (upto 0.03 micron).

  • I.D honing from 40mm-350mm bore size ( available).
  • Length 2500mm.
  • Material cutting capacity (0.5-0.03).

Hydraulic Load Test Rig

We have hydraulic press ranging from 35 ton to 500 ton to test our cylinders and jacks. And hydraulic power pack for pressure testing upto 700 bars.

Lathe Machine

We have lathe machine’s of varying capacity as per diameter, length and load of the job. The machine ranges from minimum 400X1500 mm to 700X4800 mm. Maximum capacity of chuck to hold the job in diameter is 800mm. Simultaneously we can perform belt grinding operation too.

We also have an all gear machine. Machine specification is 285X3000mm. The machine can hold dia upto 300mm and load capacity of 200 kg. The machine gives accuracy of 0.1 micron.

In-Situ Line boring Machine

Up to length 6 meters and diameter 40mm to 500mm welding and boring operation can be done simultaneously.

  • In line boring also in blind holes: from 65mm to more than 500mm
  • Internal welding also in blind holes: from 42mm to more than 500mm
  • External welding: from 10mm to more than 500mm
  • Drilling: from 3mm to more than 45mm
  • Tapping: any pitch

Quality Control Equipment



CNC Milling Center


  • Table size : 400X600mm
  • Stroke length : X 600 Y 400 Z 600
  • Spindle taper : Bt 40

Welding Machine


  • Mig,Tig,Arc,Gas welding,Pug Cutting Machine are machine available with us and are used as per the requirement. Pug cutting machine is used for cutting material in a straight line of thickness 125mm.



  • Table size : 600X400X480
  • Travelling : X 340 Y 225 Z 420
  • Load capacity : 300 kg.
  • The machine cuts intricate profile by thin wire of 0.8 dia.
  • Internal dia cutting can also be performed.